30 day challenge group

Are you ready to commit to the 30 day challenge group?

  • Are you serious about wanting to make a change ?
  • Do you want to achieve actual results like our pictures and the pictures below?
  • Don’t have time to go to the gym?
  • Want a simple to follow meal plan?
  • Want to try if this is for you or a full 30 day no questions asked refund ?


The majority of people try to get fit, lose weight and follow a meal plan. But they either give up half way, don’t fully commit to the program and in some cases let others hold them back buy being talked out of working out that day or being convinced that having a unplanned cheat day is ok. Then you need to try a Beachbody challenge pack.

30 day challenge group

With ourĀ 30 day challenge group you get

  • A fitness program that is suitable for your own needs
  • Mobile app to log your workouts everyday
  • Daily dose of dense nutrition, with over 70 superfoods inside
  • Simple to follow nutrition plan
  • Full 30 day money back no questions asked guaranteeĀ 


Daily support from Gemma and Ste to keep you on track and help you stay motivated every step of the way with our 30 day challenge group to achieve those results you keep saying you want. Plus remember if your not happy with any part of the program we off a full 30 day no questions asked refund. Where else do you get to try all of the above, drink all the premium dense superfood shakeology and still get your money back? Because with that confident with our proven 30 day challenge group .

Available Challenge Packs

Our results along with test group results from our fitness program challenge packs

Gemma' Results

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